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Brilliant! And from my years of serving as a head of school, you are on track and on target. Trustees do not often have what I refer to as the three essentials for moving forward collectively and head evaluation is but one of the challenges. Those three ingredients are common vision, common purpose, common goals. What they need is a sense of collaboration and cohesion around what they want from a head in terms of expectations, goals and performance and then, assessment becomes a little more focused and easier. As I listened to a Board last night talk about their work together, they confirmed in large measure what you have observed and experienced above, and I was especially concerned about the lack of shared standards. So, thanks, John, for putting some light into the Board room. With your permission, I would like to share your insights with a few Boards in the process of helping them to understand why they often find themselves frustrated with the dynamics in their work as trustees.

John you are right on target and have beautifully chronicled the issues in Head evaluation. When a Head makes the difficult major decision, will the Board stand with him/her? What are the items Board members have on their "secret scorecards?"
These questions play out differently in different schools but the Head needs to know in advance about the depth of support and what is most important to the Board. My most recent Head evaluations have been done on line through Board Source and I find these helpful in pointing me in the right direction, arriving at some median or Board scores, and in noting progress or regression on particular markers from year to year.

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