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I'm not sure about the data points in the article because I, generally, see schools taking more time that 3-5 years to fully embrace organizational changes, especially with technology and social media. As you state, a few "bold schools" may jump in, but those will be the exception.

However, even the most prudently led schools will likely have noticeably different operational philosophies, over the course of the next 3-5 years, when it comes to a few items; many of which are already becoming more prevalent.

1. The availability and acceptance of online courses for credit to their students.

2. The creation of some online learning component designed to promote the school's program.

3. A shift in thinking about the "value of the school" beyond what the school does on site to include value added by sharing (for free) resources and ideas to a larger community of people who may or may not attend your school.

Thanks for the post.

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